CCIE Materials

Below are the materials that I will be personally using for my journey towards the CCIE certification.

INE Expanded Blueprint

I’ve decided to use this blueprint instead of the one provided by Cisco since this is more detailed and I feel that I can better track my progress with each specific topic. I have it in a Google spreadsheet so I can update it anytime and created separated tabs for each major topics. Each tabs contain a “rank” column which is my personal ranking based on my knowledge about a certain topic. Ranking is from 1 – 5 and below is the guideline for each rank.

1 Don’t know, new to me
2 Heard of it before, knows a little bit
3 Familiar with the topic
4 Can configure well
5 Can configure, troubleshoot and verify it

Here’s the link to my checklist.

Reading Materials

Books, eBooks, blog sites.

My only book currently is Routing TCP/IP Volume 1 2nd Edition and some on my list that I will be buying in the future, I still prefer the real book over eBooks (I am an old soul).

Training Videos:

I will be using INE and CBT Nuggets videos.

“Once you stop learning, you start dying” – Albert Einstein

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